Kitchen renovation: Major works

You want to have a fully equipped kitchen in your home, and you don’t know where to start. If you plan to change your equipment, or even their layout, it will be a fairly large project. What is the difference between a fitted kitchen and an equipped kitchen, and what should you be aware of when setting up your new kitchen?

You want to replace your household appliances

Your household appliances are defective, old-fashioned, more simply you want to replace them. In order to replace your obsolete equipment, it will first be necessary to remove these devices: removal is the operation that consists in removing the obsolete or damaged installation or equipment that you wish to replace.

Professionals who come to install your new devices can remove the previous ones. If you wish to do it yourself, make sure that the appliances you move cannot damage parts of your apartment (parquet flooring, storage or paints…).

In addition, when removing water-using appliances (such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), it is necessary to empty them before moving them. If you do not empty them before moving them, expect a flood at the slightest movement. If your washing machine is moved, it is necessary to block the drum, otherwise your washing machine will be permanently damaged.

You want a fully equipped kitchen

An equipped kitchen is a kitchen with an oven, hobs, extractor hood, space with sink and storage for your utensils.

The equipped kitchen is different from the fitted kitchen, which only includes storage furniture, not household appliances.
An equipped kitchen allows you to have the appliances supplied, and to define its location as soon as you install your kitchen.

Indeed, the spaces are created in order to insert your household appliances (ovens and hobs in particular) in a natural way into the structure of your kitchen. An equipped kitchen will save you from having to buy your appliances outside, and the appliances provided will fit perfectly into your storage space.

You want a fully equipped kitchen

A fitted kitchen is a structure of kitchen furniture provided to fit into the space of your kitchen. This structure will allow you to integrate the appliances you choose for your kitchen. You will then have to choose the oven, sink and hobs that will fit into your kitchen.
The advantage of a fitted kitchen is that you can choose the appliances you will use, which can be important if you cook regularly, for example.

Your kitchen spaces: The activity triangle

It is very important that you feel comfortable in your new kitchen, and that you can enjoy it in the best way. This is why, from the very beginning of your kitchen, you must think about your movements in it: you must make it easier to move around in the “triangle of activity”.

The activity triangle corresponds to the area between the three nerve centres of your kitchen: the sink, the hotplates and the refrigerator. Indeed, our trips within our kitchen often go through at least two of these points.

The ideal is to have at least 90cm of space between each of the walls of our kitchen in order to be able to move easily.

Install additional storage space

In order to save space and space in your kitchen, you may decide to install new storage units. These new storage units (top or bottom box, new cupboards, etc.) will save space in your kitchen, allowing a clearer view, and will give the impression of more space.

In addition, if you install high or low cabinets in your kitchen, they will integrate into the space of your room, and give an aesthetic side to your kitchen.

Kitchen worktop

There are several models of kitchen worktops. According to your taste, you can install a wooden worktop, a stainless steel worktop or even a laminate worktop.

Each work surface model has its advantages and disadvantages, and must be adapted to your space and needs. Some of the materials used must be treated specifically, so we advise you to pay attention to the maintenance of your installation. We present you the most frequent models, with the advantages and disadvantages specific to each one.

The wooden plan

A wooden worktop will bring character and warmth to your kitchen. Wood is a noble and living material, you can choose the thickness of your wooden worktop, to better integrate it into your kitchen.

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