How to protect garden furniture for winter?

Winter is a time when we have to say goodbye for a few months with outdoor recreation, barbecue and family meetings under the proverbial cloud. Since most people use wooden garden furniture during the summer months, you should think at the end of the season about how to protect it well for the few months during which it will not be used.

It is important to remember that wood is a completely natural material. In the production process such furniture is covered with a special protective layer, which additionally emphasizes the beauty of the rings and gives the whole a wonderful shine. When choosing high quality products from Haste Garden, we do not have to perform any serious, periodic maintenance.

The use of good quality materials and a great protective coating guarantee long-term durability of the furniture. But why is it a good idea to take garden equipment under the roof in winter, including the aluminium one? We answer this question in the following article.

Why is it worth thinking about winter protection?

Hiding and covering the furniture for months when we will not use it will allow us to enjoy all the garden equipment for many seasons. In the case of solid Haste Garden furniture, high quality wood is used for its production, including robinia, which means European acacia.

This material has a natural resistance to harsh weather conditions. A special protective layer, which protects the colour from fading too quickly as a result of prolonged exposure to UV radiation and against penetration of moisture into the structure of the wood. However, furniture such as chairs, tables and benches, left outdoors for months, will simply be covered with dust and dirt, which can take a long time to remove at the beginning of the new season.

Of course, it is worth refreshing the manufacturer’s protective coating from time to time. For this purpose, special wood protection oils are usually used, which are not expensive to buy and do not cause any problems in the application. Add a few words about aluminium elements, which can often be found in garden equipment.

A surface prepared in such a way pleases the eye every time you look at a piece of furniture. However, we encourage you to transfer the aluminium sets for winter to a roofed space. It is worth to do this first of all in order to avoid long exposure to UV radiation.

Washing and drying to begin with

Before you even start protecting your garden equipment, it’s a good idea to take a moment to clean it thoroughly. Whole wooden furniture, such as garden benches, tables or chairs of various kinds, should be thoroughly washed out of the dirt left on them. For this purpose, it is best to use clean water with the addition of detergent, necessarily neutral pH.

Thoroughly wash all surfaces, rinse and then leave to dry completely. The same applies to aluminium equipment. Of course, we encourage you to remove dust from your furniture and clean it regularly with a damp cloth – throughout its life.

Maintaining proper cleanliness has a positive impact on the aesthetics of our products, but also helps to maintain the durability of the factory’s protective layer, which is applied by Haste Garden on furniture available for sale.

Protection of garden furniture for the winter period

As we mentioned, the basic form of protection of our equipment during the winter months is, of course, taking it from the manor house and placing it under a roof. We can move everything to the basement, to the garage or even to the gazebo, simply remembering to keep the storage area dry and best if it is also a little airy.

All you have to do is to avoid heated rooms, so that – due to a very large temperature difference and a change in air humidity – micro-cracks do not appear on the wooden elements.


Regardless of whether the furniture is made of wood or aluminium, it is a good practice to cover it. In this way, after the winter period, you can take them out of the clipboard clean and, in principle, immediately ready for re-use. However, we immediately warn against using an ordinary foil for this purpose.

Steam can condense underneath it and as a result, all furniture will have inappropriate storage conditions. Various types of material bedspreads can be used to cover it, and by far the best solution will be specialist covers, which can be easily found on the market. Their advantage is that they are made of breathable material, so the things covered with them will be protected against dust and possible moisture.

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