How to furnish a complete floor

When we find ourselves in the position of furnishing a complete flat, we probably ask ourselves a lot of questions. Using second-hand furniture, or betting on a new decoration? What furniture are we going to use? What decorative style are we going to use? Do we need to reform the floors and paint walls, or do we leave it as it is?

Whether you want to furnish a flat in which you are going to live, or if it is a second home, this post will be very useful because we will give you some basic decoration tips so that you can furnish your house and it will be a great result.

Keys to furnish a complete flat

When it comes to furnishing a complete flat or apartment, the first and most important thing is to plan, both what we really need and the budget we are willing to spend.

There are furniture companies that offer furniture for complete flats, although this option may not be the most appropriate if you are looking to customize your home to the maximum. If you want to furnish your home step by step, pay attention to these keys.

Draw a plan of your house and decide what furniture you need and where you are going to place it.

To plan an entire floor, an important point is to bet on order and necessity. The risk, however, is that we end up buying furniture that does not fit into the room or, for whatever reason, breaks the symmetry or harmony of the space. Therefore, it is ideal to take the measurements of each room and leave a margin of 3-4 cm in each corner.

What needs to be placed in each room? Make a detailed list of the type of furniture you would like to put (bed, table, chairs, chest of drawers, wardrobe, etc.) and what you really need. Then, determine the measurements (in cm or tiles, as you prefer) of each piece of furniture to make it perfect.

Consider lighting and ventilation

When drawing the furniture on your plan, also take into account where the window is and where the light will enter. We should not place any furniture or color that consumes sunlight, forcing us to spend more electricity or making the room darker.

Let’s also bet on leaving some empty space, decorated only with some painting, so that there are spaces that allow the room to “breathe”. The same thing we say about lighting must be applied to ventilation. If the bedroom is hot, try to install an air conditioner, but in any case, do not hinder the direction of the air by placing furniture that hinders the ventilation of the room.

As far as light is concerned, we must take into account the different areas of the room, which we can illuminate independently using LED spotlights integrated into the ceiling. In this way, if we do not need a part of the room to be illuminated, it will be enough not to press the corresponding switch. To give you an idea, this kitchen at El Mueble reflects this very well.

Determines decorative style

Not all the apartments have the same decorative style in all their rooms, although the ideal is that there is certain harmony between all the floor. One option is to opt for the same design in corridors, halls and intermediate rooms, customizing the bedrooms to the taste of each sleeper. Another idea would be to opt for a uniform decoration, leaving only the bathroom and kitchen to have their own personality, according to the characteristics of the room.

There are many styles of decoration: marine, Mediterranean, baroque, classic, rustic, vintage, Feng Shui, zen, Nordic, Japanese, industrial… Committed to the decorative style with which you identify more, trying to have a certain harmony in the house so that the contrast is not extreme.

When deciding on the decorative style to furnish a complete flat, be inspired by the examples given on the Decopasión website; you can imitate rooms that you have already seen. Ideally, you should write down in your plan what colour you should paint each wall with, or if there is any need for renovation, or what type of furniture you will need. This could be your bedroom if you want to follow a colonial decorative style.

Choose the furniture according to your style and budget

When it comes to choosing the furniture, you have to bet on practicality, as well as decoration. In every stay, we must take into account:

  • Colour, material, size and texture of the furniture.
  • Colour and texture of textiles.
  • Details and objects that we are going to introduce in the room (pictures, poster, vinyl, etc.).
  • Natural elements, such as plants and flowers.
  • All these elements are essential when it comes to furnishing a complete flat so that it has the style of decoration that you had originally planned.

One option when buying furniture is to buy complete rooms that follow a style of decoration. However, if you already have some furniture or want to buy second-hand furniture, it will be cheaper. All you have to do is choose the furniture that most closely resembles the type of decoration you want to bet on.

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